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We worked with Deborah to sell our co-op in Glendale/Forest Hills area.
She was fabulous. She explained everything, walked us through each step and was very responsive to any question or concern we had. She has great negotiation skills, knows the lay of the land and has a great calming personality. She got us a buyer in two weeks, where we were expecting for the process to take months.

We were very pleased with the entire process of selling our place due to having Deborah as our representative.

We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Queens area
98lexusane - Zillow
Glendale, NY

Before we met Deb we'd been searching for a home on our own for about 8 months and losing hope. We were pre-approved, religiously searching Zillow, and other websites and even put in offers on a few houses which were all rejected. Deb breathed new life into our search. Her confidence and positive energy helped us continue looking because she knew we would find the house we wanted. She was always on top of the listings and as soon as something new opened up she was picking up the phone and calling or texting us. And sure enough, Deb was right. We found a beautiful home, made an offer and with Deb's natural ability to negotiate, we purchased our first home! Buying a house is exciting but so stressful. We were fortunate to have Deb on our side!
agvega430 - Zillow
Glendale, NY

She is well prepare and knowledgeable on her profession. She makes sure all parties are well informed and guide me through transactions until the deal is closed. I am very pleased with her services .
apryung - Zillow
Jamaica Estates NY

Deb was wonderful in helping us find our new home. She was very attentive to our wants and needs. She also made us smile. I highly recommend working with her. Thanks Deb
ben king - Zillow
Kew Gardens

My partner and I recently purchased our first home with Deb’s help. She was extremely helpful and friendly. She took time to get to know us and was patient and understanding with our wants and needs. She answered all of our questions throughly, gave us advice, and responded to emails, calls and text messages quickly. We highly recommend Deb and would definitely use her services again if needed
billy caceres
Forest Hills

The day I met Deb I was convinced I’d given up finding the dream place where I wanted to sleep in and wake up every day. My mom had hired her as her selling agent for her one bedroom apartment in Forest Hills and I was immediately impressed by the dedication she put into finding the right person to buy the co-op. I say impressed because she was the 4th real estate agent hired and the 1st to have serious interested buyers in less than 2 weeks. As expected, after seeing her determination to sell the place, within 3 months we had a signed contract and were on our way to closing. Her diligence, along with her charismatic ways, changed my mind about finding a place for myself. I had been living in a studio with my 5 year old daughter for the past 4 years and the mere thought of beginning the journey to look for a more spacious, yet affordable place, scared me immensely. Debbie made that journey as stress-free as I wished for. Her positive approach to the splinters along the road calmed down after every failed attempt to fall in love with a viewed place. With Debbie’s help and patience, after a few weeks, I finally found the place I wanted and am very happy there
Elizabeth Franco
Forest Hills

Deb recently helped me sell my home in New York. I was very pleased with her professionalism and great attention to detail. She has superior skills when it comes to the real estate market, including finding a suitable buyer quickly, and then completing the myriad details afterward. She was constantly in contact and kept me apprised of all new developments. She's a great person in all respects, who was a tremendous help at a trying time
horngradlaw - Zillow
Forest Hills

I was once told that in the business of real estate, whether you are selling, buying, or renting, the most important part of the equation is the agent you choose to guide you. My husband and I chose Deb Berman and we were very happy with that decision. She listens carefully to what you want and makes suggestions accordingly; she is smart and knowledgeable in the field, so her suggestions are on target. She is enthusiastic and positive, which makes her pleasant to talk to. We were impressed by the way Deb presented our property and by the kind of potential clients she brought in to see it. We definitely recommend Deb to you!
Mr. & Mrs. Richert
Forest Hills

My wife and I were referred to Debra by a friend who was very happy with Debra's service. We were looking for a rental property with unique features that other real state brokers were not able to deliver and were wasting our time. Debra was able to show us the properties that we were interested in and was able to close the deal. She also helped us to cancel our exiting agreement that saved us time and money for a new rental property. She found for us an amazing house for us that had everything that we were looking for. She went an extra mile to accommodate our needs and negotiated contract terms on our behalf.
Debra was very professional, attentive, and diligent. We will definitely use her services again and would strongly recommend to your friends and family.
odesitnyc - Zillow
Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Deb is the most professional, knowledgeable and caring agent we have ever worked with. We hired her to help sell our two-family home in Forest Hills. She immediately scheduled a meeting with our tenant to ensure they would be comfortable showing their apartment. Deb was so trustworthy that not only did we leave her the key to our home but so did our tenant. Her follow through was impeccable and she kept us updated on ALL pertinent activity. Deb even recommended the lawyer we used who was very thorough and helpful. She found the perfect buyer and our entire transaction ran very smoothly. We would highly recommend Deb to everyone and anyone who needs a smart, reliable agent to handle their real estate needs.
Otto & Sara Berk
Forest Hills

Deb Berman is one of the most professional, knowledgeable and caring agents we have ever worked with. She is extremely accountable, impeccable on follow through and kept us updated on all pertinent activity making sure we were educated and comfortable with every procedure from start to finish. As sales don't always go according to schedule, Deb demonstrated a considerable amount of genuine patience with us during our sale. Deb helped us sell our two-family home in Forest Hills and we would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a smart, reliable agent to handle their important real estate needs.
ottomberk - Zillow
Forest Hills, Flushing, Queens

My wife and I were referred to Deb by a friend who utilized her services a few years back. By this time we were working with another realtor for about 5 months before we made the switch. And I’m so glad we did!!! Deb was fantastic! Of all the great qualities she has as a professional realtor, the ones I appreciated most are her great communication skills, keeping us constantly informed of new listings and her great negotiation skills. Aside from this she is just an overall great person with an infectious positive attitude that kept us motivated while looking in an area that has always been considered a tough market for home searches. I would encourage anyone to utilize Deb as their realtor. You will be in good hands. Thanks Deb!!!!
R M - Zillow
Glendale, NY

Instead of writing a review for Deb Berman, here is the letter we wrote her:

Dear Deb,

Thank you, thank you without end, for your guidance and assistance in the selling of our home of 43 years in Rego Park.

You really took over the entire procedure and left us with full trust in your actions.

It was not easy for us to turn over the house while we were away for over two months in Israel, we were little concerned but under your guidance and full attention to every detail, the expected was really 100% accomplished.

God Bless you, dear Deb - you are really very precious to us and we wish you only good luck and success for ever.

"SHALOM" "SHALOM" and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Affectionately yours

Ruth and Moshe Chovev
Ruth Chevov - Zillow
Rego Park

I am writing this review to say that I would highly recommend hiring Deborah Berman as your real estate broker in Queens, New York. She is very pleasant to work with. I have a very busy schedule and she has pre-screened units on my behalf because she is very insightful about my family’s needs. Her insight comes from the time she has spent really listening to my likes and dislikes. She's just not trying to push me to purchase any unit but the home I will consider my “family home ” for years to come. I find her knowledge of the market and her willingness to assertively advocate on my behalf OUTSTANDING!! SHE’S NUMBER ONE!!!
Sally Simone Markowitz, Esq.
Forest Hills

I have never in my life met such a kind realtor, a true professional, she makes sure everything that needs to be done, gets done to get the best price for your home/co-op so that it sells quickly all the way through.over the asking price I know it is a business but Deb is a true professional, you cannot go wrong. Please know that you can be confident that if you are thinking of buying or selling your home, this is where you need to go. She covers everything from A-Z and all the time with a smile on her face, ready and willing to help in all ways possible. Deb, thank you so very much for all your hard work and it is my pleasure to post this to let the world know how excellent you are
user3095737 - Zillow
Kew Gardens

We couldn’t have found a better agent than Deb Berman. From our first meeting through closing and beyond, she was enthusiastic, patient, supportive and always had our back. Using her excellent listening and observational skills, Deb thoroughly understood our needs and was able to identify property matches that were always good possibilities. Our time was never wasted and we found the exact right home in a remarkably short period of time.

The process of buying a home felt daunting and overwhelming at times, with so many moving parts. In this Deb also excelled by introducing us to her network of friendly and attentive professionals in the business, including our eventual mortgage broker and real estate lawyer.

This review may seem to good to be true, but I can honestly recommend Deb Berman for any of your real estate needs with the highest praise and absolutely no reservations. She is a gem!
user7597740 - Zillow
Forest Hills

Deb is the best! She was so attentive and really amazing to work with - especially in this real estate market! She put us in a fantastic starter home and we will definitely use her again and recommend her to friends & family!

This is a review my husband originally wrote for Deb and posted on another site: Buying a first home can be a scary process. Where to begin, where to look, how much room do you need, how much can you afford, what steps to take, who to hire, etc. Well that last one is easy. Who to hire? Deborah Berman. We were lucky enough to stumble upon her just doing what everyone does when they start looking for a house: searching online. We inquired about a property online, and she called us back a few hours later! She instantly became our friend helping us find exactly what we were looking for. It didn't matter what time of day or what we needed, she would answer her phone and help us no matter what. She has many valuable connections that she'll graciously pass on to you as well, and will truly make what seems like a difficult process go super smooth. In our personal situation, we went and saw a few homes with Deb, for about 2 weeks, learning together what exactly we are looking for. She called us up on a Tuesday afternoon to let us know of a home that JUST went on the market the night before, and it fits all of our requests. What we found out was that as we would say anything to her about what we did or did not want, she was taking notes and creating alerts whenever anything new came up that fit our home hunt! She made arrangements for us to see the home on Thursday, even though there was a scheduled open house that weekend! We were able to put an offer in immediately and well, the rest is history! She made the process so easy, and introduced us to all the correct people along the way, such as lawyers and mortgage consultants, that make the entire process move flawlessly.

I would recommend Deb to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Queens. Her knowledge, know how, and experience is evident the moment you speak to her. Do yourself a favor and get Deb!
zuser20140522193024970 - Zillow

Deb was fantastic. She really listened and understood what I wanted. Deb worked really hard for me to find and get me the home I wanted. She truly went above and beyond. Deb was very up front and honest every step of the way. She made the process crystal clear. Deb made herself available to me basically at all times; she was always responsive to my questions/ messages whenever I contacted her.
zuser20160310165102553 - Zillow
Jamaica, NY