NYC Real Estate
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NYC Real Estate

Serving: Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC

A native New Yorker and Brooklynite, Im amazed and awestruck by the improvements and steady progression of my city.

I bring with me a genuine love for my city and an extensive experience in Financial instruments sales (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Insurance) in U.S markets and managing the trading desk allowing institutional investors to trade in multiple overseas exchanges via an online trading platform. Our goal was to ensure that an investor based anywhere in the world is not limited by barriers when it comes to investing in markets beyond their national borders; At the time this was truly the first of its kind.

Fast forward to today with the understanding of Financial goals, how those goals are best translated into the "American dream" and intertwined with financial stability. In this race you should be encouraged to know that im prepared in this rapidly changing world to provide new services and new strategies to fulfill whatever definite purpose you have to obtain the best solution for your Real Estate needs. Knowing what you want and my burning desire to help you possess it make me not only prepared but ready.

-Robert Collier; Secret of the ages

Unless you want a certain thing "the worst way" and manifest that desire in the shape of a strong, impelling force, you will have no will with which to accomplish anything. You must not only "want" to do a thing, or to possess a thing but you must "want to hard" like a choking man wants air. And if you will but arouse in yourself this fierce, ardent, insatiable desire, you will set in operation one of Natures most potent mental forces.