Melbourne real estate for sale in Melbourne
Originally from Tennessee, Frank’s interest in real estate began with his grandfather, a real estate lawyer and investor.

In 1985, before he made real estate a career, Frank chose to serve in the US Air Force as a medic. In 1989 Frank was transferred to Melbourne, Florida and in 1991 he rediscovered his passion for real estate. Eager to make his mark, Frank started working in real estate. Simultaneously, Frank entered Rollins College and graduated in 1997 with a Master’s in Business, specializing in Entrepreneurship.

Frank’s typical get-up-and-go attitude resulted in founding Real Estate Direct in 1997 which focused on the idea of reducing costs to property sellers while offering properties direct to buyers. In 2002, while continuing to operate Real Estate Direct, Frank founded Brevard Home Buyers as a personal venture in 2002 and since then, Frank, through his company has bought and sold millions of dollars’ worth of real estate.

Nearly twenty years later his renowned real estate group, Real Estate Direct has several highly-trained Realtors and Property Managers, and manages over 100 properties throughout Brevard County and the Space Coast of Florida.