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David Gelfenbeyn is a top residential specialist who consistently earns five-star ratings from enthusiastic clients. David's secret is always putting the client first. He says, "My mantras are hard work, reliability and availability. To me, an outstanding professional's foremost concern has to be their client's needs, criteria and budget -- not simply closing a transaction." As manager of Customer Times' Luxury Rental Division, David inculcates these values in all of the agents he supervises, insisting upon outstanding quality in every transaction. Superb service requires agents to be accessible 24/7 on a moment's notice. He believes effective agents listen carefully to everything a client says, and can extrapolate from spoken and unspoken communication. As a result, clients continually praise David and his team for showing the exact type of property they were hoping for -- or even exceeding their expectations.

David is committed to the philosophy that clients deserve a thorough education about their options in the market so they can make informed decisions. His talent is in making this process enjoyable and fulfilling. This level of service requires an encyclopedic knowledge of the city and all of its sub-markets, as well as good relationships with key managers to negotiate ideal rental terms. David's concentration on the art of customer service developed through his extensive early training in the hospitality industry, where service is paramount. He believes in optimizing the entire client experience, from the first contact until the big move and beyond. David concludes, "At the end of the day, there is no greater reward than to have made a client happy."