Woodbury real estate for sale in Woodbury
When I started in Real Estate back in 2003 I had a full time job in the insurance industry. I worked as a claims examiner for 16 years. I always felt something more was out there for me. I decided to get my real estate license and worked at nights and weekends for the initial 3 years. I also showed homes during my lunch hour. After doing both jobs for 3 years I found I enjoyed real estate and happened to be very good at my new career.

To say the market has turned in the last 4 years is an under-statement. But I was able to build a solid foundation early in my career which has carried us through the down market. It is with much pride that I announce 2010 was one of our most successful years in the industry--Felice and I broke into the top 100 agents in New York State which was very gratifying. It meant what we do matters and is appreciated by all our customers.